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At this time, when the Trump administration is reversing previous steps toward engagement with Cuba, regressing us toward the old unjust, counterproductive Cold War posture of past decades, Witness for Peace’s delegations to the island are more important than ever.

Join one of these upcoming delegations, and come back ready to advocate for more just, smart, and mutually-beneficial policies toward Cuba, pushing back against Trump’s harmful roll-back.


Curious about Cuba? Learn about Arts, Culture and Social Programs

March 30 – April 9, 2018

Wealth has never before in the history of humanity been this concentrated. With people slipping into poverty easier and easier, and the Trump administration working to put more money into the hands of the wealthiest, more people than ever are asking–what about socialism?

Partial scholarships available. Contact Melissa@witnessforpeace.org

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For more information, contact Diane Stradling, dianestradling@gmail.com or 603-431-2525

Culture and Politics

April 14 – April 23, 2018

While most people in the United States know little about Cuba today, Cubans are acutely aware of the US and every single day their lives are impacted by the longstanding US embargo on Cuba; an embargo imposed because Cuba refuses to give up its sovereignty.

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For more information, contact Kris Hannigan Luther, kris@witnessforpeace.org or 208-771-3527

INNOVATION IN CUBA – Youth Delegation

June 12 – June 21, 2018

Youth ages 15-19 will explore the complexity, excitement and innovation taking place in Cuba. Cuba is an island nation just 90 miles away from Miami, but you’ll feel like you stepped into a world like none you’ve ever been in and you’ll have the chance to exchange with youth about your life and learn about theirs.

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For more information contact: Joseph Palladino, jpalladino@smpanthers.org and Jacob Turner turnerj51001@gmail.com

We hope to see you on one of these transformative delegations!

In solidarity,

Witness for Peace

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