Traveling Exhibition of Portrait of the Cuban School of Ballet

Jan 12, 2019 by

Traveling Exhibition of Portrait of the
Cuban School of Ballet

Dear NNOC members, 

We have been contacted by Rebekah Bowman, a Berkeley-based social documentary photographer who is working on a traveling exhibition of Portrait of the Cuban School of Ballet, a photographic tribute to the Cuban National Ballet School. 

She has met with Sandra Ramirez and Joaquin Lacke from ICAP, as well as Geobert Guibert (European specialist) and Dianelys Lorenzo (North American specialist) at the MINCULT in Havana. There seems to be real interest in this project among the European embassies, and Geobert suggested an ambitious itinerary through 12 European capital cities, beginning in Brussels at the European Parliament in the early spring 2019. 

Rebekah will like to launch a crowd-sourcing appeal, geared toward Cuba-friendly organizations and individuals, offering prints, books and acknowledge in exchange for contributions of support. She asked us if we can help her to reach out to all of you. We told her we will let our members know and if they are interested they will contact her directly. 

If you are interested in this project, and want to learn more about it, please contact Rebekah directly either by email or by phone and mention to her that you are a member organization of the National Network on Cuba. 

+1 415 351 8291

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