Cuban Foreign Minister Warns about Dangers for Peace and Justice

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Cuban Foreign Minister Warns about Dangers for Peace and Justice

Havana, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez warned in Havana about the dangers hovering over the planet Earth due to governments that with their actions threaten peace, justice and human dignity.

After closing the 4th International Conference on World Equilibrium at Havana Conference Center, the diplomat stated that international leaders, with the United States lead in, cling to the unilateral order, when multilateralism is the trend in the present.

According to Rodriguez, it acts in such a way that it becomes a threat to the very existence of the human species.

The foreign minister mentioned as examples the militarization of space and cyberspace, the constant attack to international law, the misunderstanding by those international treaty governments, the attack on the peoples’ sovereignty and the reprisals against the free determination.

The world has never been so unequal as now, because only a few have more wealth than the vast majority of the global population, said Rodriguez, who also criticized, as contradictory, the practice of adding issues associated with war and discard social programs to the gross domestic product of the Nations.

He observed that the Latin American region made progress in the last decades to counteract that reality but the structural persistence persisted, which, along with hate speeches and media manipulation, contributed to the recent defeats of progressive forces in this area.

Rodriguez called academicians, intellectuals, members of social movements and left-wing political parties attending the meeting to take not only the streets but also social networks to defend the ideas of justice and emancipation.

He also insisted that the dignity of a country, and also that of the southern nations, the Latin American region and the world, is decided in the attacked Venezuela.

The 4th edition of the International Conference on World Equilibrium, organized by the Jose Marti Project of International Solidarity, began on January 28 in the presence of more than 650 delegates from 65 countries, as well as an important Cuban delegation.


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