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25th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba-Resources on Hosting, Participating, Sending Aid, Sending a Vehicle!

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The 25th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba starts July 7th! Learn all of the ways you can get involved this year! Caravan to Cuba 2014 Schedule July 7th – 18th       Drive through US and Canada July 19th – 22nd    Orientation in McAllen, TX July 23rd              Border crossing July 24th              Travel to Cuba July 25th – August 2nd              Program in Cuba August 3rd            Return to Mexcio August 4th            Reverse Challenge-Return to the US Ways to Participate in this year’s Caravan! Come to Cuba this...

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Call to the X International Colloquium to Free the Cuban Five and against Terrorism

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Havana, June 20th 2014 “Year 56 of the Revolution”   Dear Friends, The year 2014 has witnessed numerous actions in support of the campaign for the release of our antiterrorist Heroes. Among them, the most important have been the Commission of Inquiry into the Case of the Cuban Five held in London, and the recently concluded “Five Days for The Five” in Washington DC. Both achieved important goals in disclosing and denouncing irregularities of the Cuban Five legal case, as well as violations against their rights and their...

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A Call to US Doctors Graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba: Bicycle Ride for the Cuban 5 in New York City

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Bicycle Ride for the Freedom of the Cuban 5: When: Saturday July 5 at 4pm Where: IFCO/Pastors for Peace: 418 W 145th Street, New York, NY 10031. The ride will end at the Brooklyn Bridge.         Photo: Bill Hackwell   Two years ago 3 young Latin-American graduates from the Latin American School of medicine (ELAM) toured the entire length of South America on motorcycles to spread the word about the Cuban 5 and to raise solidarity about their case. Last year 5 students from ELAM,  inspired by this project, made a...

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Posted on May 14, 2014 by ICFC5  The Time is Now to Ask Obama to Free the Cuban 5 and to change U.S. Policy toward Cuba. All out to Washington D.C.! It is only three weeks until supporters and personalities from all over the United States, Latin America, Canada and Europe join together to ask President Obama to change the policy of hostility towards Cuba that has lasted for over fifty years. One of the pivotal points in this widening discussion is finding a solution to the case of the Cuban 5, which, for over 15 years, has raised serious...

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Antonio Guerrero Art Exhibit “I will die the way I lived”

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Antonio Guerrero Art Exhibit  “I will die the way I lived” An exhibition of 15 Watercolors 6-9pm Reception @6:00pm May 17, 2014 Sponsored by Westminster Church 400 I (eye) Street, SW Washington, DC (2 blocks from Waterfront (Metro “Green Line) Prints & Book of Prints for sale Info:  Rev Brian Hamilton 202.641.8220 Info & Sponsor:     DC Metro Coalition to Free the Cuban Five: Kamau...

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The Time to Act is Now! Come to Washington D.C. June 4-11 to Support the Cuban 5

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International Committee for the  Freedom of the Cuban 5 The number of people from different parts of the world who have added their support for the Third “5 days for the Cuban Five” by endorsing continues to grow.The week of activities is one of the most important actions this year in the struggle to free the Cuban 5. The new blog, designed specifically for the 5 days, has received more than 1000 endorsers. Just recently, well-known personalities from Sweden such as Thageo G. Peterson, former Speaker of the...

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Multicultural Cuba Tour 2014

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July 7—July 17, 2014 For Further Information:                                                                                                                                          Obsidian Arts Center – 612-787-3644 Register with David at the Center for Cuban Studies.  Email: About the Journey  The richness of Cuban culture and identity has been fed by many streams throughout its history of migrations, free and forced. Most of us know that Cubanidad, or Cuban identity and...

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“I will die the way I lived” – Closing Reception

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                                                                      Beverly Arts Center                                                                                                                                                   2407 W. 11th. Street, Chicago, Illinois                                                                                                                                                                (corner of W. 111th. St. and Western;  free parking CLOSING RECEPTION Sunday, April 13 – 1:00 – 3:00...

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5 Days for the Cuban 5 – June 4-11, 2014

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Dear NNOC friends, The National Network on Cuba has participated in and supported all activities: local, national, and international, directed at freeing the Cuban 5 and increasing awareness of their case. We have followed this case from the earliest days and continue to both condemn the injustice and to work to gain the freedom for all 5 brothers. As discussed and agreed upon at the December national meeting of the NNOC, we will focus this year’s work on two important areas: Freedom for the 5 and the October, 2014 solidarity conference in...

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Book Tour with author Arnold August

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CUBA AND ITS NEIGHBORS; DEMOCRACY IN MOTION In this groundbreaking book, Arnold August explores Cuba’s unique form of democracy, presenting a detailed and balanced analysis of Cuba’s electoral process and the state’s functioning between elections. By comparing it with practices in the U.S., Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, August shows that people’s participation in politics and society is not limited to a singular U.S.-centric understanding of democracy. For example, democracy as practiced in the U.S. is largely...

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